Saved To Serve – Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts Pt. 2

Join us this Sunday as Pastor David continues outlining the 7 spiritual gifts, focusing on “Compassion” and “Leader”. Beginning at 10:30, in-person or online. See you then!

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-I Peter 2:4-5a, Eph. 2:19-20; 4:16

COMPASSION – The ___________ of the body

-Matthew 9:35-36, Luke 7:13, Ruth 1:15-18, Matthew 5:7

Those with the gift of COMPASSION…

  •  Ruled more by their heart than their head
  •  Primary concern is the emotional/spiritual well-being of a perso
  •  Can sense the spiritual/emotional “temperature” of a group or individual
  •  Struggle with broken relationships and strive for peace
  •  Very trusting and trustworthy
  •  Usually very positive and cheerful
  •  Genuinely feel the success & sadness of others
  •  Often are indecisive
  •  Can empathize too much and  take up the offense of another unnecessarily 
  •  Sometimes caring spirit can be misinterpreted

LEADER- The ______________ of the body

-Isaiah 9:6, Mark 3:13-16a, Luke 9:51, Isaiah 50:6-7, Heb.12:1b-2; 13:7-8

Genesis 41: 33-46

Those with the gift of LEADER…

  •  Are able to “see” what can be
  •  Communicate ideas and plans clearly
  •  Love to organize whatever is entrusted to them
  •  Will assume leadership role if leadership vacuum
  • Enjoy working on long-term projects instead of repetitive or routine short-term tasks
  •  Work enthusiastically in spite of criticism
  •  Enjoy delegating and are happy to let others get the credit in order   to complete the task
  •  Sometimes “use” people to accomplish goals
  •  Get frustrated when others do not share same passion for vision and change
  •  Can neglect routine personal/family responsibilities in order to pursue exciting goal

Digging Deeper

Q1: How would you define leadership?  What do you think are the top 2/3 attributes of a great leader?

Q2: Who would make your top 5 list of biblical leaders?  What was it about their leadership that made them so successful?  Do the 7 leadership attributes listed in this sermon show up in their lives?  If so, how?

Q3: Read Matthew 20:20-28.  Does this passage go against our cultures view of leadership greatness?  If so, how?

Q4: Study Luke 10:29-35.  What is Jesus teaching us about compassion in this passage? How can you do to develop your compassion gifting?

Q5: Review the book of Ruth. How did Ruth display compassion to her mother-in-law?  

Q6: Do you know someone with the gift of compassion or leadership?  What is it about that person that you love?  Is there anything about them that may frustrate you?  If so, explain.