Faith Promise 2022/2023

A special offering to support AVBC’s Building Expansion Fund!

WHY make a Faith Promise?

Alta Vista Baptist Church has been a vital part of the Canterbury Community for more than six decades. Hundreds of individuals and families have been impacted with the Good News of Jesus Christ over the past 65 years. But there is more work to be done! 

We have been strategically planted by the Lord in this part of the city.  We are on a very busy road.  We are across the street from Canterbury High School.  We are near the bustling Canterbury Community Centre.  We are surrounded by houses and apartment buildings.  This church must continue to be a lighthouse for the gospel! We must go and be an active part of this community.  And, we must open up our church building and make it more accessible to the community around us. All this can happen when you choose to participate in our Faith Promise offering!

WHAT is a Faith Promise?

A FAITH PROMISE offering is between you and the Lord. (No one will know what you promised.) A FAITH PROMISE offering is above and beyond your regular giving (tithe) to support the ministry of the church. A FAITH PROMISE offering is a year-long financial commitment to support the Building Expansion Fund.

The “faith” part comes from relying on the Lord to provide for the “promise” you believe He is calling you to make.

FAITH PROMISE giving is based upon a simple yet profound three-part process. Your cumulative answer to these three questions will enable you to determine the amount of your FAITH PROMISE offering:

  • Q1: What can I AFFORD to give during the coming year? (Your gift is based upon your ability to give.)
  • Q2: What can I SACRIFICE from my ordinary expenditures in order to give extra to this special offering?  (Your gift is based upon your sacrifice.)
  • Q3: What can I TRUST God to provide by way of unexpected and miraculous income in the year to come?   (Your gift is based upon your faith in God.)

Here is some more background about FAITH PROMISE offerings.

“The man…went at once and put his money to work…” (Matt. 25:16)

HOW is the Lord going to provide the funds for this big project?

Faithful giving to General Fund: Ministry needs to continue to move ahead even during construction.

Three special offerings a year: Spring, fall and at year end.

Special events: Fun activities will enable us to engage in practical giving & serving.

Memorial Gifts: To celebrate people that Lord has used to make a significant impact on our life and the life of AVBC.

Extravagant Gifts: We are believing God for some “and-then-some” miraculous gifts.

Faith Promise Offering: God’s faithful provision combined with consistent gifts given over the long-haul add up to success!

$250= $13,000
$100= $5,200
$50= $2,600
$25= $1,300
$10= $520
Regular Contributions  = Significant Impact!

A Personal Commitment

A FAITH PROMISE offering must be entered into after  much prayer and reflection. Take some time to look back and consider God’s provision and care for you and your family during this past year. In light of His faithfulness you can step out in faith! The idea here is not faith to GET from God but rather faith to GIVE BACK to Him.

In light of God’s faithful supply,
Trusting in His ongoing provision,
After much prayerful reflection, and
Above and beyond my regular giving,
I promise to give to the Building Expansion Fund from November 2022 through November 2023:

    If you prefer not to use an on-line form, HERE is a printable version of this information which includes a tear-off pledge section which you can return to the church in-person or by mail.

    Additional Information

    Please ensure that your Faith Promise contributions are denoted “Building Fund”. For more info on how to give, visit our GIVING page.

    Q: How much money do we need to raise to complete the project?

    A: Along with the proceeds from the sale of our land in 2018 and other donations, our
    Building Fund currently totals about $1.15M. Praise God! Our approved design cost is
    capped at $1.5M, and some funds have already been expended, so we are about 80%
    of the way there and need to raise about another $250K.

    Q: When will construction begin?

    A: In November 2022 with projected completion in Summer 2023 – God Willing!

    Q: What improvements will this building project provide?

    A: When this expansion project is completed we will have a fully accessible building including a new accessible washroom on the main level. Our leaking roofs will be repaired and our aging portable will be retire. All of this will make our building more user-friendly for our church family and more inviting for the community that we are striving to reach with the gospel.

    Q: Can I give my Faith Promise offering by using an EFT?

    A: Yes. Call the office for more info regarding Electronic Fund Transfer.

    Q: Can more than one person from a family participate in this offering?

    A: Yes. If both spouses have an income each may want to give their own Faith Promise offering.  And, if you have children or teens, why not encourage them to make their own Faith Promise.