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Calendar of Preaching

July 12th, 2020David ElliottEstherCommitment in CrisisSermon Notes July 12th, 2020Esther 4
July 3rd, 2020David ElliottEstherAnger ManagementSermon Notes July 3rd, 2020Esther 2:21-3:15
June 28th, 2020David ElliottEstherFinding FavourSermon Notes June 28th, 2020Esther 2:1-20
June 21st, 2020David ElliottEstherFrom Calm to CrisisSermon Notes June 21st, 2020Esther 1
June 14th, 2020David ElliottEstherParameter of the PuzzleSermon Notes June 14th, 2020Esther
June 7th, 2020Greg MacCallumNeutral is not an option in lifeSermon Notes Jun 7th, 2020Exodus 32:1-14
May 31st, 2020David ElliottForgivenessHow to Receive ForgivenessSermon Notes May 31st, 2020Luke 15:11-14
May 24th, 2020David ElliottForgivenessThe Road of ReconciliationSermon Notes May 24th, 2020
May 17th, 2020David ElliottForgivenessHow to forgiveSermon Notes May 17, 2020Genesis 45
May 10th, 2020David ElliottForgivenessWhy should I forgive?Sermon Notes May 10, 2020Matthew 18:23-35
May 3rd, 2020Greg McCallum How to Encourage During a PandemicSermon Notes May 3, 2020Romans 15:1–13
April 26th, 2020David ElliottPraying in Troubled TimesProactive PrayerSermon Notes April 26, 2020Daniel 9:1–19
April 19th, 2020David ElliottPraying in Troubled TimesTapping into the Muchness of GodSermon Notes April 19, 2020James 5:13–18
April 12th, 2020David ElliottEaster 2020Three Easter Revelations Part 2Sermon Notes April 12, 2020Matt. 26-27, Mark 14-15, Luke 22-23, John 18-19
April 10th, 2020David ElliottEaster 2020Three Easter Revelations Part 1Sermon Notes April 10, 2020Matt. 26-27,Mark 14-15, Luke 22-23, John 18-19
April 5th, 2020David ElliottPraying in Troubled TimesLearning to LeanSermon Notes April 5, 2020Luke 11 & Nehemiah
March 29, 2020David ElliottPraying in Troubled TimesJesus is Praying for You!Sermon Notes March 29, 2020John 17
March 22, 2020David ElliottWhere does my help come from?Where does my help come from?Sermon Notes March 22, 2020Psalm 121
March 8, 2020David ElliottForgivenessCommon Misconceptions about ForgivenessSermon Notes March 8, 2020 
March 1, 2020David ElliottForgivenessForgiven MuchSermon Notes March 1, 2020Luke 7:36-50
February 23, 2020Hannah Pollock Missions-Hannah Pollock  
February 16, 2020David Elliott Peace in the FamilySermon Notes February 16, 2020 
February 9, 2020Greg McCallum 9 Spiritual HabitsSermon Notes February 9, 20201 Timothy 4:7-8
February 2, 2020David ElliotUnpluggedA Personal Encounter with JesusSermon Notes February 2, 2020Mark 10:46-52
January 26, 2020David ElliotUnpluggedHow to Spend Two Hours with GodSermon Notes- January 26, 2020 
January 19, 2020David ElliotUnpluggedThe Benefits of SolitudeSermon Notes- January 19, 2020 
January 12, 2020David ElliotUnpluggedA Biblical Foundation for SolitudeSermon Notes- January 12, 2020 
January 05, 2020David Elliot How to Respond in Changing TimesSermon Notes- January 5, New Year 2020Jeremiah 29:4-14
December 29, 2019David Elliot dear God, thanksDecember 29 2019 
December 22, 2019Greg McCallumCarolsWonder-God Uses the CalledSermon Notes December 22, 2019Matthew 2:1-12
December 15, 2019Greg McCallumCarolsHark – God Uses the OrdinarySermon Notes December 15, 2019Luke 2:1-20
December 8, 2019Greg McCallumCarolsJOY God Uses the WillingSermon Notes December 8, 2019Luke 1:26-56 Psalm 98
December 1, 2019David ElliottJohn: Portraits of the InvisibleMaturity MattersSermon Notes December 1, 2019 
November 24, 2019David ElliottJohn: Portraits of the InvisibleGrow Up!Sermon Notes November 24, 2019John 4:43-48
November 17, 2019David ElliottJohn: Portraits of the InvisibleJohn: Portraits of the InvisibleNovember 17, 2019 
November 10, 2019Greg McCallum Theology 102 The Bible, Creation and the ChurchSermon Notes November 10, 2019James 4:7-10 // Psalm 73:28
November 3, 2019Greg McCallum God, Sin, and SalvationSermon Notes November 1, 20192 Corinthians 5:21 // 1 John 1:9
October 27, 2019David ElliottWhatcha Gonna Do?Stewardship is about AttitudeOctober 27, 20192 Corinthians 8,9
October 20, 2019David ElliottWhatcha Gonna Do?Stewardship Is About PrioritiesSermon Notes October 20,2019 
October 13, 2019David ElliottWhatcha Gonna Do?Stewardship is About StuffSermon Notes October 13.19 
October 6, 2019David ElliottWhatcha Gonna Do?Whatcha gonna do #1 I Chronicles 29
September 29, 2019David ElliottJohn – Portrait InvisibleFeeding on God’s WillSermon Notes September 29.19John 4:31-38
September 22, 2019David ElliottJohn – Portrait InvisibleWhat is the Love of God LikeSermon Notes September 22.19John 4:17-30
September 15, 2019David Elliott What is the Love of God Like?Sermon Notes September 15.19John 4:1-16
September 8, 2019Sam McCallum Anniversary Sunday Isaiah 40:27-31
September 1, 2019David ElliottSongs for LifeHe Knows My NameSeptember 1, 2019 
August 25, 2019Greg McCallumSongs for LifePsalm 130August 25, 2019Psalm 130
August 18, 2019David ElliottSongs for LifeA Call to ThankfulnessNot availablePsalm 107
August 11, 2019David ElliottSongs for LifeWhen I finally make it homeNot availablePsalm 90
August 4, 2019David ElliottSongs for LifePsalm 73: Believe vs PerceiveSermon Notes August 4, 2019Psalm 73
July 28, 2019Greg McCallum Kamp Agapae 2019 CelebrationSermon Notes July 28, 2019 
July 21, 2019David ElliottSongs for LifePsalm 42: Talking to YourselfSermon Notes July 21, 2019Psalm 42
July 14, 2019Greg McCallumSongs for LifePsalm 126: From Tears to JoySermon Notes July 14, 2019Psalm 126
July 7, 2019Greg McCallumSongs for LifeThe Cost of PraiseSermon Notes July 7, 2019Psalm 134
June 30, 2019David ElliottSongs for LifeBlessednessnessnessSermon Notes June 30, 2019Psalm 1
June 23, 2019David ElliottFamily MattersThe Heart of a Single ParentSermon Notes June 23, 2019Genesis 21
June 16, 2019David ElliottFamily MattersThe Heart of a Father Acts 16
June 9, 2019Greg McCallumFamily MattersThe Heart of SinglesSermon Notes June 9, 20191 Corinthians 7:6-8
June 2, 2019David ElliottFamily MattersThe Heart of a GrandparentSermon Notes June 2, 2019Psalm 71,78
May 26, 2019Greg McCallumFamily MattersThe Heart of A TeenagerSermon Notes May 26, 2019Ecclesiastes 11
May 19, 2019David ElliottFamily MattersThe Heart Of A CHILDSermon Notes May 19, 2019Mark 10
May 12, 2019David ElliottFamily MattersThe Heart of a MotherSermon Notes May 12, 20191 Samuel 1-3
May 5, 2019David MacDonald Hope Beyond a Cure 1 Corinthians 15
April 28, 2019Greg McCallumA Maze to AmazingWhat To Do When You Don’t Know What To DoSermon Notes April 28, 2019Matthew 11:28-39
April 21, 2019David ElliottEaster Sunday-A Maze to AmazingPlace Your Hope in the God of Surprising OutcomesSermon Notes April 21, 2019Matthew 27
April 19, 2019David ElliottGood FridayHis Cursing – My Blessing Galatians 3:10-13, Malachi 3:8-10
April 14, 2019David ElliottA Maze to AmazingGrab Hold of the One Who UnderstandsSermon Notes April 14 PDFHebrews 1-4, 12
April 7, 2019Greg McCallumA Maze to AmazingNavigate Your Next Step By Heading Towards God’s GraceSermon Notes April 7, 2019Matthew 8:23-27
March 31, 2019Greg McCallumA Maze to AmazingIgnore The Stuff Cluttering Your LifeSermon Notes March 31, 2019John 15:1-8
March 24, 2019David ElliottA Maze to AmazingZoom In On The Good Stuff In Your LifeSermon Notes March 24, 2019Lamentations 3:19-26
March 17, 2019Greg McCallumA Maze to AmazingAccept The Support Of Others Along The WaySermon Notes March 17, 2019Eccl 4:9-12
March 10, 2019David ElliottA Maze to AmazingMaintain a Firm Grip on The Word of GodSermon Notes March 10, 2019Psalm 19 & Psalm 119
March 3, 2019David ElliottA Maze to AmazingAcknowledge Christ’s Power to Make a Way Through the MazeSermon Notes March 3. 2019Hebrews 11
February 24, 2019David ElliottA Maze to AmazingWhat to do when you don’t know what to doSermon Notes February 24. 20192 Chronicles 20
February 17, 2018David ElliottStraight Talk on StewardshipStewardship Starts With Ownership (Part 2)Sermon Notes February 17.19Genesis 1-3, Deuteronomy 8
February 10, 2018David ElliottStraight Talk on StewardshipStewardship Starts With OwnershipSermon Notes February 10Genesis 1-2
February 3, 2018Greg McCallum The Parable of the Unforgiving ServantSermon Notes February 3Matthew 18:21-35
January 27, 2018David ElliottDare to CareIf You Care You Will ContinueSermon Notes January 27, 2019Nehemiah 11-12
January 20, 2018David ElliottDare to CareIf You Care You Will CelebrateSermon Notes January 20th 2019Nehemiah 11-12
January 13, 2018David ElliottDare to CareIf You Care You Will CommitSermon Notes January 13th 2019Nehemiah 10
January 6, 2018David ElliottDare to CareIf You Care You Will ConsiderSermon Notes Jan 6, 2019Nehemiah 9
December 30, 2018Greg McCallum Don’t Waste Your Life Matthew 28:16-20
December 24, 2018Greg McCallum Christmas Eve Devotional Matthew 2:8-20
December 23, 2018David ElliottIt’s All About the BabyA Baby WorshippedSermon Notes Dec 23rd, 2018Matthew 2:1-15
December 16, 2018David ElliottIt’s All About the BabyA-Baby-Dedicated.mp3Sermon Notes Dec 16thLuke 2:21-40
December 9, 2018David ElliottIt’s All About the BabyIt’s All About The Baby: BirthSermon Notes Dec 9thLuke 1:57-77, 2:1-14
December 2, 2018David ElliottIt’s All About the BabyA Baby ConceivedSermon Notes Dec 2nd. 2018Luke 1, Matthew 1:18-25
November 25, 2018David ElliottDare to CareIf You Care You Will SubmitNovember 25th, 2018Nehemiah 8
November 18, 2018David ElliottDare to Care2018-11-18 If you care you will stabilizeNovember 18th, 2018Nehemiah 7
November 11, 2018David ElliottDare to CareIf you care you will persevereNovember 11th, 2018Nehemiah 6
November 4, 2018David ElliottDare to CareRebuilding a Community in CrisisNovember 4th, 2018Nehemiah 5
October 28, 2018Greg McCallumThe Parables of JesusThe Parable of the Lost Son (Part 2)Sermon Notes Oct 28st 2018.pdfJohn 15:11–32
October 21, 2018Greg McCallumThe Parables of JesusThe Parable of the Lost SonSermon Notes Oct 21st 2018.pdfJohn 15:11–32
October 14, 2018David ElliottDare to CareIf You Care You Will OvercomeSermon Notes- Oct 14 2018.pdfNehemiah 4
October 7, 2018David ElliottDare to CareIf You Care You’ll Cooperate Nehemiah 3
September 30, 2018Eric Nielsen Guest Speaker Eric Nielsen Colossians 1:9-14
September 23, 2018David ElliottDare to CareNehemiah: If You Care You’ll Lead Nehemiah 2
September 16, 2018David ElliottDare to CareIf You Care You’ll Pray Nehemiah 1
September 9, 2018David ElliottLiving All InIntroducing Nehemiah Nehemiah 1:1-4
September 2, 2018Greg McCallumLiving All InLiving All In Pt. 2 Luke 9:23-26
August 26, 2018Greg McCallumLiving All InLiving All In Psalm 32 Luke 9:23
August 19, 2018Tom HainesMissions PresentationUnthinkable Romans
August 12, 2018David ElliottFearFirst and Last Fear Ps. 112
August 5, 2018David ElliottFearFear of the Unexpected Matthew 8
July 29, 2018David ElliottFearFacing My Financial Fears Matthew 6
July 22, 2018Greg McCallumVBS Focus SundayTell Others About God (2018-07-22) John 10:10 b
July 15, 2018David ElliottFearFacing the Fear of Rejection Psalm 34:4
July 8, 2018David ElliottFearFacing My Fears Psalm 34:4
July 1, 2018David Elliott Canada Day Devotional 1 Thess 1:5a, 2:8
June 24, 2018David ElliottFearFacing My Fears Psalm 34
June 17, 2018Greg McCallum Father’s Day Psalm 128
June 10, 2018David ElliotJohnMinistry Matters  
May 27, 2018David ElliotJohnJohn Portrait of the Invisible  
May 20, 2018David ElliotJohnNow is the Time to Worship  
May 13, 2018David ElliotJohnCome and See!  
May 6, 2018David ElliotJohnGod Can Use You  
April 29, 2018David ElliotJohnThe Power of a Word John 1:1-18
April 22, 2018Greg McCallumJohnServant Hospitality 2  John 13:1-17
April 15, 2018Greg McCallumJohnExtravagant Hospitality  
April 8, 2018David ElliotJohnLet Me Introduce You  
April 1, 2018David Elliot Watch the Lamb Exodus 12
March 30, 2018David Elliot His Passion… Our Problem  
March 25, 2018David ElliotRelationships-Assembly RequiredSelf Control=Under His Control  
March 18, 2018Greg McCallumRelationships-Assembly RequiredStrength Under Control  
March 11, 2018David ElliottRelationships-Assembly RequiredThe Blessings of Faithfulness  
March 4, 2018David ElliottRelationships-Assembly RequiredSo Be Good For Goodness Sake  
February 25, 2018David ElliottRelationships-Assembly RequiredKindness 2 Samuel 9
February 18, 2018David ElliottRelationships-Assembly RequiredHow to Keep Your Cool When Things Heat Up (Patience) Gal 5:22-23
February 11, 2018Greg McCallum Peace When There is No Peace John 14:27
February 4, 2018David Elliott How to Kill Kill-Joys Galatians 5:22-23
January 28, 2018David Elliott But Do You Love Me (Pt 2)  
January 21, 2018David Elliott Bu Do You Love Me? 1 Corinthians 13
January 14, 2018David Elliott Relationships Assembly Required Galatians 5:22-26
January 7, 2018David Elliott Three Words on my Heart  
December 31, 2017David Elliott Timely Lessons Psalm 90
December 17, 2017David Elliott Uncommon Christmas Luke 2:1-11
December 10, 2017Colin McKenzie Magnify the Lord With Me and Rejoice in Him Luke 1:46-55
December 3, 2017Colin McKenzie Joy in the Midst of Turmoil Matthew 1:18-23
November 26, 2017Greg McCallum No Other Name Isaiah 9:6,Matt 1:21, Phil 2:10-11
November 19, 2017Colin McKenzie Are You Ready For This 2 Peter 3
November 12, 2017Colin McKenzie Let Us Fix Our Eyes on Jesus Hebrews 12:1-3
November 5, 2017Colin McKenzie Pray for Everyone 1 Timothhy 2:1-8
October 29, 2017Greg McCallum A Light Shining in a Dark Place 2 Peter 1:12-21
October 15, 2017Colin McKenzie 2017-10-15 The Successful Christian Life Matthew 17;14-21 Matthew 17:14-21
October 8, 2017Colin McKenzie Expressing Our Appreciation Col 1:3-14
October 1, 2017Greg McCallum Unashamed John 4:1-42
September 24, 2017Dave Marttunen Introducing Others to Jesus John 4:1-42
September 17, 2017Colin McKenzie Parable of the Soils Mark 4:1-20
September 10, 2017David Elliot Please ask the Sound crew  
September 3, 2017Colin McKenzie Jesus – Full of Grace and Truth John 1:14
August 27, 2017Greg McCallum I Am the Good Shepherd John 10:11-21
August 20, 2017David Elliott Wisdom from a wedding  
August 13, 2017Greg McCallum I am the Gate John 10:1-10
August 6, 2017Colin McKenzie 2017-08-06 Do Not Fret Psalm 37 Psalm 37
July 30, 2017Colin McKenzie Do Not Resist the Holy Spirit Proverbs 21:30
July 23, 2017Greg McCallum Jesus: I AM The RESURRECTION And The LIFE John 11
July 16, 2017Colin McKenzie He Who Wins Souls is Wise Proverbs 11:30
July 9, 2017Colin McKenzie Devoted Acts 2:24
July 2, 2017Colin McKenzie Jesus Cares For You John 10:1-30

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