Exalting Christ and Loving People

Trustees Committee

The Trustees take care of the physical appearance and operation of the building by wisely managing the budget to keep it safe, clean, functional and running well. There is a requirement for a Chairperson and other members who help execute or coordinate this work, but the committee may also recruit other church members to become involved in specific events such as church work bees. Being a skilled tradesperson is an asset for labourers and management/administrative skills are helpful for the chair person position.

Computer Network Team

A small team of individuals who are tech-savvy look after the computer network in the church ensuring that hardware and software are functioning.

Decorating Team

This group adds a touch of beauty to the interior of the church by providing advice on d├ęcor changes (paint, carpet, furniture, etc) and coordinating decorations for the sanctuary and foyer for special occasions. For example, there are artificial flowers as well as Christmas trees and lights available to be displayed.