Exalting Christ and Loving People

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee plans and coordinates Sunday services in terms of music scheduling or special services. There are other Ministry teams that are tied in with Sunday services and include the following:

Baptism Team

In cooperation with the Senior Pastor, the Baptism Team oversees the filling and emptying of the baptistery, assigns change areas and gowns for both pastor and candidates, and provides assistance for all participating (e.g. physical and moral support, passing them towels, minimizing water on the baptistery approach). The team also cleans and stores gowns following a baptismal service.

Communion Team

This group prepares the elements prior to the communion service (monthly and some special occasions) by filling the cups and bread plates. A sufficient supply of fresh grape juice, bread, and clean cups is to be maintained. The team gathers and disposes of used cups and cleans other utensils following the service.

Sound Team

Our worship services involve a number of different microphones and audio-visual equipment connected to a sound board. The Team can control or assist in set up for PowerPoint presentations, playing DVDs or CDs, and recording the service. This Team maintains high quality sound and visual equipment for the sanctuary and works with the pastors, worship teams, special music providers and guest lecturers (e.g. visiting missionaries) to ensure a smooth service. The team also assists in the Audio Tape Ministry, in which the recorded service is transferred to cassette tape and loaned to individuals who want a copy. Following the service, MP3 files of the sermon are added to our website. Appropriate training and scheduling is required.

Special Music

We have individuals or groups of musically inclined people that are asked to perform a single song as part of the service in which the congregation does not participate. Performers serve on a rotational basis.

Usher Team

Ushers set the tone for an individual’s worship experience by being friendly, helpful, and understanding of his/her needs. They are positioned at the entrance to the sanctuary and are responsible for the distribution of bulletin, collection of the offering, counting attendees, helping family members find one another, minimizing disturbances, responding to pastoral requests and other helpful duties. Following the offering, some of the ushers will count the money for deposit in the bank. This group has one coordinating Head and a group of 16-20 members that serve on a rotational basis.

Welcoming Team

This group of people represent the first faces that members and visitors of Alta Vista encounter on a Sunday. Two people stand by each entrance to the building prior to the service to welcome people. The Team can try to recognize newcomers and connect them with current AVBC members.

Worship Teams

Worship Teams lead others into a sense of God’s presence through music, singing or speaking. Musical, vocal and/or instrumental skills are required for the leading of worship. We currently have three Worship Teams and there is a coordinating Head of each Team which liaises with the Worship Committee for scheduling and music selection. The Head may read short passages of scripture or lead the congregation in prayer during the service. Auditions are required and Teams sometimes hold a practice during the week.