Romans 12

Pastor Greg continues his series through the book of Romans. If you’d like to watch the service live, our service is live streamed at 10:30 on Sundays!

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Printable Notes

  • “Agape” Love (Romans 5:5, 8, 8:35, 39) 


  • ___________________ 
  • Cling 
  • Devoted 
  • Honor 
  • Zeal 
  • __________________ 
  • Serving
  • Joyful in Hope 
  • Patient in Affliction 
  • Faithful in Prayer 
  • Share 
  • Hospitality 
  • Bless 
  • _________________ 
  • ________________ 
  • Harmony 
  • _______________________ 
  • Careful 
  • _________________ 
  • Feed 
  • Give 
  • Good 

LOVE Doesn’t 

  • Love ____________ (vs. 9)
  • Curse (vs. 14)
  • Proud (vs. 16)
  • ____________________ (vs. 16)
  • Repay (vs. 17)
  • Revenge (vs. 19)
  • __________________ by Evil (vs. 21)

And I know I don’t deserve this kind of love. Somehow this kind of love is who You are.” – As You Find Me (Hillsong)

Digging Deeper

Q1: Share about a time you have been shown “Agape” love. How did that make you feel?  

Q2: Which of our Love Does list is easiest/hardest for you to do?

Q3: When has receiving one of these expressions of love made a major impact on your life? How did that change you, your circumstances?

Q4: Which of our Love Doesn’t list do you struggle with most?

Q5: Read Romans 14:13-19. Paul reminds to stop passing judgement. In what ways do you need to be careful to do what is right to live peacefully with others? Are you putting up any “stumbling blocks” for others? 

Q6: Read Proverbs 20:22, 24:29. Revenge is absolutely forbidden to followers of Jesus. Why? Do you find this easy to accept? Is there a time when you wanted to take revenge? Explain. 

Q7: It is almost natural to be “overcome by evil” these days. How might following the principles in this passage lead us to “overcome evil good”?

Q8: vs. 12 says that we are to be “faithful in prayer.” Ask God to show you how you might show your love for God and others through prayer.