The Alta Vista Baptist Church Library, located just off the main foyer in the Church Office, has a large Our library, located in the church office, has a large collection of biographies, novels, reference books, commentaries and bible study aids as well as children’s books.  New books are added regularly. Feel free to stop in and browse.  As well, the library catalog is now available on the web with almost 2,000 titles with links to book information and more. Click on the title line below to check out our full library.


Video Library

The Video Library, which is located in the lower level near the back door of the church,
lends a wide selection of DVD resources by well-known Christian leaders and organizations covering many aspects of Christian family life, growth and ministry. The children’s DVDs are arranged in age-appropriate sets and series. Many of the DVDs have multi-lingual sound tracks and/or sub-titles (English, French, Spanish, Arabic and other languages).

The DVDs are arranged on the shelves in exactly the same order as they are arranged in the on-line Video Catalog.

Printed matter related to the DVDs (e.g. descriptions, reviews, leader and participant study guides, booklets, etc) are arranged in a separate printed matter filing system in exactly the same order as the related DVDs are arranged in the Video Catalog and on the shelves.

The key to finding a DVD or related printed matter is the ‘Location number’:
Catalog location number = Shelf location number = File location number

Video Catalogues for Adults and Teens
Video Catalogues for Children