After God’s Heart – Pebble in the Pond

This Sunday Pastor David continues his series through the life of David, talking about the ripple effect that happened in the aftermath of David’s sinful decision to pursue Bathsheba. Join us in person or online this Sunday at 10:30. See you there!

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Printable Notes

-Kindness…II Samuel 12:13

When we _______ we often set into motion a chain of events that even _______________ cannot undo.

1. The Ripple of _______________________ (vs. 9,10)

-II Samuel 13:1-2, 6, 10-15, 19, 21-23, 28-29

2. The Ripple of _______________________ (v.11a)

-II Samuel 14:25; 15:1-6, 12b, 13,14

It is not an enemy who taunts me— I could bear that. It is not my foes who so arrogantly insult me— I could have hidden from them.  Instead, it is you—my equal, my companion and close friend. (Ps. 55:12-13)

3. The Ripple of ______________________ (vs, 11,12)

-II Samuel 16:20-22

4. The Ripple of _____________________ (vs. 13,14)

How do I limit or stop the pebble in the pond?

1. _____________ tempting situations. (Prov. 5:8)

2. _____________________ your sins regularly. (I John 4:8-9)

3. Don’t ______________ how deadly ______ really is.

>Sin always ________________

>Sin always p_____________________

>Sin always ______________________

4. Plan an _______________ route ___________ the fire of temptation begins to burn. 

-Proverbs 1:10-11, 13,15

Digging Deeper

Q1: What techniques are used to lure and deceive a potential prey when a person is hunting or fishing?  Are those same techniques somewhat in play when it comes to Satan and how he seeks to tempt us?  If so, how?

Q2: Can you think of ways that our society tends to minimize the true negative consequences of sin and, instead, sugar-coats the promised positives to making ungodly choices?  How can we counter-act these false messages?

Q3: Read Psalm 38:1-10.  What are some of the very real negative consequences of sin in this passage?

Q4: Sin and its consequences definitely ripple into other lives and future generations.  However, the opposite is also true.  Can you think of ways that godly choices and godly living by others has had a positive and profound impact on your life and walk with God?  If so, explain who and how.

Q5: Pastor David mentioned four practical ways of minimize or stopping the negative ripple effects of sin.  Which of the four do you find most helpful in your life?  Which of the four do you struggle with implementing?

Q6: Read Psalm 103:8-12.  How does this passage encourage and motivate you towards repentance and confession of sin?

Q7: What practical steps could you take to maximize your desire for godly obedience and minimize the pull towards seeing sin through rose-coloured glasses?