Church Library

The Alta Vista Baptist Church Library, located just off the main foyer in the Church Office, has a large collection of volumes of biographies, novels, reference books, commentaries, and bible study aids. A special section is available just for children (we would suggest that parents help their children choose appropriate books). New books continue to be added regularly.

The library catalog is now available on the web. Almost 2,000 titles with links to book information and more – even a picture of the book. Click on the title line below to check out the full library. Members are encouraged to take advantage of the library to enhance their relationship with the Lord. When at the church, please stop by and browse.

Audio Visual Library

The Video Resource Centre, located in the Green Room (lower level), includes a wide selection of DVD resources by well-known Christian leaders and organizations covering many aspects of Christian family life and growth.

What audio recording or video might be enjoyed by you or your family? The DVD Library catalog is listed below:

Videos for Adults and Teens

AVA100c Bible

AVA200c Christian Doctrines, Apologetics, Morals, Devotions

AVA300c Christian Living

AVA400c Christian Commission and Outreach

AVA500c Christian Church Governance, Administration, Leadership

AVA600c Geography and History of Christian activities

AVA700c Biography of Christian individuals

AVA800c Christian Literature (Stories, Dramas, Poems)

AVA900c Christian Music

Videos for Children

AVC100c Bible

AVC200c Christian Doctrines, Morals, Devotions

AVC700c Biography of Christian individuals

AVC800c Christian Literature (Stories, Dramas, Poems

AVC900c Christian Music