Bob McRoberts – What Is Love?

This Sunday we are excited to welcome Rev. Bob McRoberts to bring God’s word. Bob is Pastor Emeritus at Calvary Baptist Church here in Ottawa. Join us in-person or online at 10:30 Sunday morning!

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A. Love is _______________

1 Corinthians 13:1-2, and 4-7. 

A project: 

  1. Convey nothing negative 
  2. Say one thing to praise or affirm in the person. 
  3. Do one small act of kindness for the person.  

B. Love is ___________ or _______________ 

the right kind of person.

1 Corinthians 13:3, 4-7. 15 character traits

A family project: 

  • Discern a character quality for each statement. 
  • Define the quality. 
  • Memorize the definition.
  • Discover a Bible verse or story that exemplifies each one.
  • Design projects to encourage development of each one.

Paul’s list, beginning with 2 positive qualities:

  1. Love is patient: ___________________
  2. Love is kind: ___________________

Then follow 8 negative traits. (Think of the opposite of each)

  1. It does not envy: ___________________
  2. It does not boast: ___________________ 
  3. It is not proud: ___________________
  4. It is not rude: ___________________
  5. It is not self-seeking: ___________________
  6. It is not easily angered: ___________________
  7. It keeps no record of wrongs: ___________________
  8. Love does not delight in evil: ___________________

The list ends with 5 positive qualities:

  1. But rejoices with the truth: ___________________
  2. It always protects: ___________________
  3. Always trusts: ___________________
  4. Always hopes: ___________________
  5. Always perseveres: ___________________

C. Love _______________  _____________ 

1 Corinthians 13:8a, 9-12

Love never fails is a statement of the permanence of love contrasted with the impermanence of spiritual gifts. 

Paul’s teaching on spiritual gifts is given in 1 Corinthians 12-14. 

He interrupts his presentation of these gifts to put them in their proper perspective. 

  • 12:31 & 14:1. It is not enough to desire gifts; must pursue love. 
  • 13:1-3. Without love, the gifts have no value. 
  • 13:4-7. A description of several characteristics of love.
  • 13:8. The final characteristic of love: it is permanent. 
  • 13:9-12. But gifts are impermanent. Why? Because:
  • vs 9. our present knowledge and prophesying are partial.
  • vs 10. some day perfection will replace imperfect gifts. 
  • vs 11. some day we will reach maturity. 
  • vs 12. now we see a poor reflection; we do not see God face to face. 

Two Applications regarding the permanence of love:

1. For an individual: John 3:16 

S.I.N:   S____________ I_______________ N__________. 

John 3:16 challenges a person to ACT

A. _________ sin. 

C. ___________ one’s mind/will/heart toward God. 

T. __________ Christ as Saviour and Lord. 

2. For a community of faith.

The experience of Elias Chacour, from his autobiography, 

Blood Brothers. Baker Books, Grand Rapids 2013.