Saved To Serve – Discovering Your Spiritual Gift Pt. 1

Last week, Pastor David outlined 7 spiritual gifts and how they relate to the body of Christ. This Sunday, Pastor David begins to dive deeper into those 7 gifts, beginning with the first two, serving and giving. Join us in-person or online beginning at 10:30 am!

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SERVER- The __________ of the body

-John 13:1-5, 12-17

-Luke 10:38-42  

A Server…

  •  Sees what needs to be done and sticks with it until the job is done
  •  Would rather do than oversee or delegate
  •  Enjoys offering hospitality
  •  Has a hard time saying “no”
  •  Demonstrates love more by actions than words
  •  Often does more than is required
  •  Feels satisfaction/joy when helping meet a need
  •  Can be critical of those who do not help out 
  •  Can get offended if they feel unappreciated
  •  Tend to over function when not required/needed

GIVER – The _________ of the body

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45)

-Genesis 13:1-2, 5-9; 14:12-23

A Giver…

  •  Believes God is the owner and provider of all that they have
  •  Practices regular tithing as an act of worship
  •  Generously gives money, possessions, time and energy to things that matter to God
  •  Is wise and frugal with their finances 
  •  Is sensitive to the Spirit’s leading and often give because of a burden
  •  Prays fervently for people to look to God to meet their needs
  • Get excited when their gift is specific answer to prayer
  • Tries to control where/how their donations are used
  • Sometimes spoils their own children or relatives
  • Wrongly assume that giving money excuses them from other responsibilities and service

Digging Deeper

Q1: Have you received an extravagant anonymous gift when you had an urgent financial need?  How did you feel when you received that gift?  How did it impact your walk with God?

Q2: At this point in this sermon series, which of the 7 motivational gifts stands out as being your primary gift?  What makes you lean towards that particular gift?

Q3: What do the following verses teach us about the gift of serving? 

Romans 16:1-2, Acts 6:1-7, Proverbs 31:10-31, Matthew 8:14-15.

Q4: Pastor David mentioned that Abraham was an example of a GIVER.  Read Genesis 22:1-14.  How does this story illustrate Abraham’s trust in God’s provision as well as his willingness to give to God no matter what?

Q5: Read Acts 16:13-15, 40.  What evidence do you see in this text that Lydia was a giver?  How might her gift of giving have been a blessing to the young church in Philippi?

Q6: Read through Proverbs 31.  Which gifts does the “wise woman” display?

Q7: What practical need does God want you to meet this week?  What financial need might you supply this week?  Take some time to prayerfully consider/answer these questions.