RAISE THE ROOF 2022/2023


This project will make our building fully accessible, provide a spacious universal washroom, create a new welcoming front entrance and include a refresh of our lobby and auditorium.


We have 1.1 million dollars in-hand towards our total budget of 1.5 million. To raise the remaining funds, we are running a “Faith Promise” campaign. To learn more about that, click HERE.


We broke ground in November 2022.

If you wish to get more info email the office: office@altavistabaptist.org

If you’d like to donate to our building project visit our GIVING page.


The slab is poured in the new basement
The framing is starting to take place
The roof is raised!
The concrete foundation gets poured
The foundation is finished!
The elevator shaft is finished
Demolition begins
The main entrance roofing comes down
The foundation for the expansion gets laid


JANUARY 20, 2023

Framing is in progress | concrete pouring in lower level is complete | foyer construction begins on
January 23 | structural inspection to take place January 26 | the foyer will be an active construction
zone, and there will be no heat, coat racks or furnishings. Anything you bring will need to be brought into the sanctuary with you | mid week ministries may be relocated, consult with your ministry leader. The propane
issues have been resolved.

NOVEMBER 3, 2022

Construction begins! The details of how this will affect the regular church building use is outlined below.


  • Sunday Nov 6 is last day of regular facilities use
  • Construction starts Nov 7
  • Construction is expected to last until at least the end of March 2023
  • Exterior site work (paving, landscaping, garbage enclosure, portable demolition) will likely continue until July


  • Demolition starts Monday Nov 7
  • Workers will be present weekdays throughout the entire project, 6:30AM-5:00PM
  • Portions of the building will be walled off as construction zones, we are to stay out
  • McDonald Brothers site office is located in the portable – Marc Lemieux, Site Superintendent

Facilities Interruptions

  • We will give notice about specific service interruptions
  • For approximately 4 weeks, the fellowship hall will only be accessible via the SW stairwell exiting the sanctuary
  • Nov 7-11 – expect high noise, interruptions to power and water supply

Building Use

  • Front entrance closed until further notice
  • Sorry, but no provision for accessibility until construction completes
  • Use the rear door until construction completes
  • No parking/Private property/Construction Site signs are to advise the general public, the parking lot remains available for congregation use
  • Park away from active construction areas, especially mid-week
  • Kids Church will be moved from the fellowship hall to room 2 (across from pastor Greg’s office in the basement)


  • Fire exits are the rear foyer entrance, the two doors exiting the front left and right of the sanctuary
  • Barriers, cones, tape, partitions, signs, etc. will be present for our safety… please be aware and observe these no-go zones
  • Supervision of children is imperative! Please, no unsupervised children near construction zone

OCTOBER 6, 2022

The date has officially arrived! McDonald Bros. construction company has given our building project
team the official start date of Monday, November 7 th . There may be some site mobilization happening
the week prior (fencing, etc…). We praise the Lord for His faithfulness to His church and ask that you
would continue to pray for our Building Project team, Building Finance team and McDonald Bros. as all final plans are
made before construction begins.

AUGUST 26, 2022

WE HAVE OUR PERMIT! The tender process has begun and quotes for two significant items have been received already, on or under budget. Materials decisions need to be made over the next few weeks to facilitate the tender process.

JULY 29, 2022

The building team had a construction kickoff meeting with McDonald Brothers and Dickson & Hicks on Tuesday July 26. Praise the Lord that it went well! The team is meeting with various other contractors and vendors onsite for quotes on pre-construction activities and general requirements. The church is being prepared for pre-construction activities and the offices are being relocated to temporary locations for the construction period. Please pray for a speedy approval of the building permits without significant changes, that contractors give favorable pricing, can meet timelines and that we stay within our budget.

JULY 17, 2022

We have submitted our building permit request with the city and it will take approximately 4 weeks to process our request. In the mean time, we have received a Class C estimate from McDonald Brothers Construction and it falls within our approved budget! Praise the Lord! Our next step is to meet with the architect and construction company early in the week of July 25. Continue to pray for the permit request as well as next steps as we prepare the church building for renovations.

JUNE 22, 2022

This week we have submitted an application for a permit with the city of Ottawa. We have received the second revision of drawings from the architect, and will send those drawings to McDonald Brothers for costing.

MAY 18, 2022

A Class D estimate was recently provided by our builder, McDonald Brothers Construction. The estimate was within our budget but was near the maximum. Our architect, Dickson & Hicks, will now begin to work on preparing a set of drawings suitable for both costing and obtaining permits. McDonald Bros. will be able to produce a Class C budget based on the drawings and submit an application to the city for permits. Please pray that prices do not increase as costing is refined!