Video Library catalog updated.

Take a few minutes to look at the great video resources, for you, your family, or your small group.

The DVDs in the children’s video library have been totally reorganized and re-numbered on the shelves by sets and series, each one being for a particular age range. If a parent finds a particular DVD that is appropriate for the child, it is likely that other DVDs in the same set or series will also be appropriate for the child. The video library has about 40 sets and series.

The Video Catalog (link) on the AVBC website has been revised accordingly.

There is a new printed materials file which includes printed material relating to the DVDs (e.g. leader and student study guides, descriptions, reviews, etc).

Shelf location number = Catalog location number = Printed Materials file location number.

The whole Video Catalog (Adult & Teens; Children) has been updated to reflect acquisitions and disposals to Nov 11, 2016.

Notable recent acquisitions not included in the update are:

  • Song of Solomon (a.k.a. Song of Songs), by Tommy Nelson, pastor   (A135 bcdefghi)
  • Book by Book: Isaiah, by Alec Motyer and two others    (A140 a)
  • Growing Kids God’s Way, by Gary & Anne Marie Ezzo    (A344 abcd)

More about these recent acquisitions later.